North Western Repeater Group
Reflector XLX977

XLX v2.5.2 Dashboard v2.4.1  Service uptime: 10 days 01:06:56

XLX977 Module D transcodes between D-Star, DMR and Fusion (YSF71776).
Module D is also linked to our M17-NWR reflector, Allstar node 47977, EchoLink GB3RF-R and our local FM repeater GB3RF.
Module D is also linked to Brandmeister DMR TG 235175 so you can connect to our network using the TG 235175
Please leave a 3 second gap between overs to allow linked modes to reset.
# Flag Callsign Suffix DPRS Via / Peer Last heard Listening on
1 EnglandEngland M3ZHI DMR XLX977 G / BM2341 15.04.2024 18:04 D
2 EnglandEngland 2E0XLG 2E0XLG B 07.04.2024 21:10 D
XLX977 D